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Yna crystal BLrhodium

Yna crystal BLrhodium

NR: 266603907
249.00 kr
Ziano 6-row BL2-tone smokey
299.00 kr

Stay sharp!

Imagine a walk in the mountains of northern Scandinavia, an early morning in the autumn, just before the snow comes. The surroundings are barren. It is cold but the air is fresh and clear. Suddenly the sunbeams brake through the mist that covers the ground and hit the rocks and make them sparkle.

This is where VÅGA finds its inspiration for our AW 2015 collection. Stones that glitter, edgy dices, crystals that sparkle, matte brushed finish on metals and stones, rough meets smooth.

Our aim for AW 2015 collection is to create jewelry that makes you feel good – look beautiful and STAY SHARP.

As always, the keywords for VÅGA are: